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With the broad experience in business management built up since 1987, the support of an in-house training framework that has proved its worth in numerous courses and programmes and a team of highly skilled instructors, CARSA specialises in designing and providing high-quality training programmes in its three specialist areas: technology, innovation and internationalisation.


CARSA plays a fundamental role as a catalyst for innovation at local and global levels, designing its training programmes to provide customers with skills in schools, models, concepts and methods that can help them to achieve continuous improvement and greater productivity (individually and as organisations) and to access the latest trends in business.

CARSA also uses its core role in innovation to co-ordinate the interests of companies, of the science and technology community and of public administrations as representatives of society.

The training programmes developed by CARSA cover five main fields:

  • Professional performance: training programmes to improve the personal skills of employees and management staff at organisations.
  • Development of organisations: organisation-based training for all-round improvement with a view to achieving higher levels of productivity and profitability.
  • Business co-operation: courses focused on improving the ability of businesses to implement and consolidate inter- and intra-company co-operation mechanisms and work with other organisations in the ecosystem of innovation.
  • Business environment: training programmes aimed at improving regional innovation systems and local R&D&i results.
  • Intensive sectoral programmes: training aimed at the specific development of the skills needed to improve competitiveness in a particular sector.