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PRICER. Standardisation and Certification Services for R&D&i Projects and Management Systems


CARSA’s PRICER services cover the standardisation and certification of R&D&i projects and management systems under UNE standard 166001-2 "Management of R&D&i: Requirements for Management Systems & R&D&i Projects", applicable to firms of all sizes in all sectors.

A PDF file providing general information on PRICER services by CARSA is available as a download.

The services proposed include consultancy on the implementation of R&D&i management systems, preparation of R&D&i projects for certification and specialisation seminars. PRICER is aimed at organisations of all sizes in all sectors that wish to integrate R&D&i activities (in-house or outsourced) into their business processes. Management system requirements are complementary to the requirements of other systems already in place at an organisation, and apply to both internal and external activities concerned with R&D&i.

  • Consultancy on the implementation of R&D&i management systems under UNE standard 166002
  • Preparation of R&D&i project certification under UNE standard 166001

CARSA began to build up its experience as a technological consultancy firm in the implementation of R&D&i management systems when working on a specific project backed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade in 2004. The scheme was designed and promoted by CARSA using the experience and know-how accumulated over 18 years.

The implementation of these systems brings companies numerous advantages in terms of competitiveness and taxation. The latest regulations on tax incentives for R&D&i at companies have made certification under this standard a highly attractive proposition, and a great opportunity to structure and improve the efficiency of R&D&i activities.