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Private Sector

Sector privado

Services for the private sector

CARSA provides services aimed at making firms more competitive by developing their technological capabilities through the design, implementation and consolidation of customised processes of innovation and improving their market positions by helping them stand out from their competitors as drivers for innovation. CARSA also encourages market growth through the technological internationalisation of businesses.

The ultimate aim is to improve the positioning of firms internally and externally based on the application of new technologies, innovative projects and internationalisation actions through integrated, professional R&D&i management.

CARSA performs the following tasks, among others:

  • Drawing up and implementation of strategic innovation plans to help firms become more competitive by incorporating new technologies into their products and/or processes, and specific projects with measurable, quantifiable targets.
  • Support in drawing up strategies for diversifying business operations, and implementing continuous innovation management activities.
  • Support in the strategic drawing up of R&D&i projects and in identifying sources of funding for their implementation.
  • Preparation and integrated management of international projects based on co-operation.
  • Implementation of R&D&i management systems as per UNE standard 166002 and managing the fiscal aspects of R&D&i projects as per UNE standard 166001.