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Public Sector

Secor público

Services for the public sector

When working with public administrations, CARSA seeks to play the role of a close collaborator in the fields of research, development and technological innovation, providing a link to the day-to-day needs of business, applying methods and tools developed in-house, along with innovative elements created ad hoc for each contract.

The objective is always to meet the challenges of each project and make its implementation as easy as possible for the customer.

CARSA has worked for many years to provide support for the management and assessment of R&D&i projects and to monitor their implementation in public administrations at regional, national and European levels. Over the years CARSA has also worked on driving and defining R&D programmes that require direct contact with companies in the form of visits and diagnostic studies.

Other services provided by CARSA to public administrations include:

  • Technical management and support for R&D&i programmes and schemes run by public-sector organisations, and the design and implementation of programmes and projects to promote innovation.
  • Promotion and coaching in processes for the creation of new technology-based firms and the establishment of venture capital funds.
  • Promotion of technology transfer and internationalisation at firms and technology centres.
  • Viability analysis and design of strategic plans for the setting up of technology centres; design, creation and start-up of sectoral clusters and other platforms for energising the economy, such as business incubators.
  • Dissemination and awareness programmes and campaigns in the field of innovation.